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TCI Braille Transcribing Services

The Mt. View Unit Braille Facility offers a variety of transcribing services for all types of textbooks for kindergarten through high school and post-secondary. The facility can transcribe, emboss, thermoform tactile graphics and loose-leaf bind the entire project to complete a finished Braille book. The facility is also able to convert foreign language textbooks to Braille. The tactile graphics can be generated digitally or by the collage method.

Staff members at the facility and assigned offenders are either currently certified or are working toward certifications from the Library of Congress and the National Braille Association. The certifications range from literary, Nemeth math, music and textbook formatting.

TCI Braille Transcribing Services


TCI Braille Transcribing Services


Mt. View is one of the largest prison Braille facilities in the nation. Mt. View takes pride in striving to develop cutting edge methods to produce higher quality, quicker tactile graphics for the Braille world.

Contact: Toby Powell – 936-437-8766
Pricing is by quote only.



Page Updated March 2011


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